At Arapahoe Pwn we are more than just your traditional Pawn Shop. We offer a variety of services for our valued customers.


Take advantage of our convenient Layaway option. With 20% down you’ll get easy-to-afford monthly payments for 90 days. Come in and make payments over time and pick up your items once you’ve made your final payment. It’s a great way to lock in what you want at today’s low prices and save yourself money while doing it

Pawn Loans

At Arapahoe Pawn, pawns are the heart of our business. They’re an easy way to borrow money quickly. If you’ve never pawned anything before, don’t worry, we’ll show you how it all works. We strive to loan more money for your things than anyone else. We loan on gold, silver and diamond jewelry, quality watches, electronics, game systems, laptop computers, phones, tablets, cameras, musical instruments, tools, firearms and pretty much anything of value. Come in and see what your items are worth. The more they’re worth, the more we can lend. We offer 30 day loans at 10% on items of $50+. For as long as you need as long as you pay your interest on time.


One thing we pride ourselves is our labor we provide Jewelry, Watch and computer repair. We specialize in all sorts of watch repairs simple and extensive repairs from a battery replacement or a watchband resizing to major overhauls and parts replacement. We also specialize in ring sizing, chain repair, clasp replacement, stone replacement, class rings, custom order designs we can do it all in house! Additional to this we do computer repair as well! Come in for a quote today! Regular service extends the life of your jewelry and prevents lost diamonds or color stones. We can check for wear of prongs that hold your valuable diamonds and color stones and tighten them if needed. We also safely and professionally clean and polish your valuables and check clasps for wear.